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    Eliana e Alfredo Guerra (mercredi, 30 août 2017 00:25)

    We forgive to bother, we are adhesives collectors and we want to
    know how we must do to receive adhesives for our collection, the
    Moto Club Lac de Joux.
    We are thankful for the attention.
    Waiting for a positive reply.
    A great hug from Eliana e Alfredo
    Visit usção-de-Adesivos/180979098666510
    Our address:
    Eliana e Alfredo Guerra
    Rua Avelino Monteiro,264 A - Jardim Umuarama
    CEP. 06036-050 - Osasco - São Paulo -  Brasil.
    Whatzap : 55 11 9-91535918